Risk assessment RASE in order to prioritize your actions

Another component to be implemented within the framework of the ATEX directives is the risk assessment. We apply the RASE methodology proposed by the ATEX Commission. First of all, systems and installations are described for their intended use. The different sources of ignition (e.g. static electricity, hot surfaces and open flames) are listed. Then, through a risk analysis, places in the process where explosion hazards may occur are determined. A key issue is the situation of simultaneously occurrence of an ignition source and an explosive atmosphere.

Risks are represented in a matrix
Finally, the hazards based on the probability of the occurrence and the severity of the consequences are divided into risk categories. More precisely: the risk matrix. The risks of category A are unacceptable and must be eliminated. Risks from categories B and C are acceptable after the introduction of safety measures. Risks from category D are acceptable. The result is a comprehensive report covering all explosion risks that have been identified and classified, so you can prioritize where to start with reducing the risks.

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