Have a clear insight whether you have to comply with ATEX 153 (137)

The ATEX 153 (137) QuickScan assesses the situation in your business to current ATEX guidelines and indicates whether there are any obligations for your workplace. The QuickScan is based on a site visit, existing documents, drawings and interviews. The result is a clear and concise report so you know exactly where you stand.

Certainty on what needs to be done
The Atex QuickScan is intended for companies who want to know whether ATEX regulations on explosion safety are relevant to their activities. Also the QuickScan is a good tool to gain insight into what measures should be taken to meet the ATEX Directive.

On site survey  
• The combustible gases and liquids in your company will be mapped

• Presence of combustible powder / dust is inventoried

• Identifying and locating types of ignition source

• Ventilation is globaly mapped to meet ATEX regulations

• Identification of the systems which may or may not need to establish a risk assessment

Clarity on zoning, measures and appropriate equipment
With the result of an ATEX QuickScan you get answers to the following questions:

• Which parts of my business are compliant with ATEX

• What are the security risks in the current situation

• What parts of the workplace need zone marking

• What kind of measures are suited to reduce the risks

• Which equipment is permitted in which zone-class

Fixed price of € 950,-- Excl VAT
The QuickScan is performed for a fixed price of € 950, - Excl. VAT. (Excluding travel cost outside The Netherlands)

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