ATEX 114 (95) QuickScan

What is the ATEX 114 (95) QuickScan?
ATEX 114 (95) QuickScan indicates the route to obtain ATEX certification of your product. The QuickScan reviews your existing technical design concerning explosion safety. Also by reviewing the user manuals and installation instructions and by visiting your site the QuickScan gives a clear and concise report with specific information about certification. 

Hpw is the QuickScan performed?

  • The applicability of ATEX certification is tested, if necessary for both the exterior and the interior of a device or installation.  
  • The demands of your customers concerning the categories are inventoried. 
  • The presence of ignition sources (including static electricity, mechanical sparks) are inventoried. 
  • An inventory investigation of the standards is carried out to list the possible explosion protection measures. So the desired ATEX category can be obtained. 

The result of the QuickScan
With the result of the ATEX QuickScan you get answers to the following questions: 

  • What methods of certification are available for your product. 
  • Which explosion protection methods are available. 
  • What are the requirements for the certificates from your suppliers.
  • What aspects should you keep in mind in a tender process. 
  • When do you need a Notified Body. 

The QuickScan is performed for a fixed price of € 1.500,- Excl. VAT. (Excluding travel cost outside The Netherlands)

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