Technical and organizational measures ATEX 153 (137)

The risk assessment identified all hazards, which are classified into risk categories and listed in the explosion protection document. The designated zones and specific dimensions  are written down in the classification report.
In the report section ‘measures’ both technical and organizational measures designed to increase the explosion safety of the installations are written down. The measures are intended to reduce the class of a zone, to reduce risks, or are the result of obligations under the ATEX 153 (137) directive. Each measure is given a weighting that takes into account the number of risks that will be affected by that specific measure, the category of those risks and the impact on the zoning.

Prioritize and estimate the costs
Now your priorities are clear. You know what measures should be the first to implement ti have the greatest effect on the explosion safety of the installations. By estimating the costs and budgetting your organization creates a safe and financially viable roadmap to timely comply with the ATEX 153 (137) directive.

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