IECEx 02 vs ATEX 114 (95)

ATEX 114 (95) and IECEx 02 both set requirements for electrical and non-electrical equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. 

Initially ATEX 114 (95) is valid in the EC and IECEx 02 aims to be accepted worldwide. IECEx is a certification that can serve as a basis for local certifications around the world. 

ATEX 114 (95) relies on European legislation and IECEx 02 relies on international standards. A possibility to comply with the directive ATEX 114 (95) is by the use of harmonized standards. For ATEX 114 (95) compliance with the standards is not mandatory. Generally both ATEX 114 (95) and IECEx 02 use the same standards. Technical differences are few. 

Our support for certification is possible for ATEX 114 (95) or IECEX 02, or if desirable, for both. 

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