EPD Review: Update to the present situation

By now you have an explosion protection document. Possibly made ​​because it is a legal obligation lying with a layer of dust in the closet. Actually, nobody in your organization knows the exact status of today anymore. Many questions have arisen, such as:

  • Are the proposed measures implemented?
  • Are the technical changes made?
  • How about the knowledge of the staff working in the explosive atmosphere?
  • Do the designated zones still exist?
  • Are alterations made after the preparation of the EPD?
  • You get answers to these questions in our EPD review. After a site visit, we examine the existing EPD. Our findings will be summarized in a concise report. This review also includes to what extent the EPD is internalized within your organization.

Fixed price of € 1.580,-- Excl. VAT
The EPD Review is performed for a fixed price of € 1.580, - excl. VAT. (excluding travel cost outside the Netherlands)

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