ATEX WLAN Access Point

 for safe operations in hazardous areas


WAP EX-series

The Ex-Machinery WAP EX-series are specially designed for hazardous areas. The units are of rigid construction, enclosure in steel or stainless steel grade 304. They allow reliable and explosion proof wireless connections in harsh environments. The heavy-duty antennas are suitable for outdoor use.

∙ reduced weight as compared to Ex d
∙ rugged IP66 construction
∙ quick delivery
∙ high gain antenna 6 or 9dBi
∙ first class components
∙ compact dimensions

∙ chemical plants
∙ offshore
∙ oil and energy
∙ dry bulk handling/food industry
∙ zone WAP 2, 22
∙ zone antenna 0, 1, 2/20, 21, 22
∙ dust & gas explosive areas

Available for all major brands of access points like Motorola, Cisco, Zebra.

Explosion safe industrial Wi-Fi 



 WAP EX-series


Technical data:
Power supply: POE (24/48Vdc) or 230 Vac
Frequency: 2.4 / 5GHz (both on request)
Antenna gain: 6 or 8 dBi
Data cable: Copper or glass fibre-optic
Atex: II 3GD Ex nA tc IIC T4 135°C


Delivery including:
∙ ATEX declaration of conformity
∙ ATEX certified antenna
∙ instruction manual
∙ antenna cable
∙ explosion safety instructions
∙ wall or ceiling mount
∙ build in intrinsically safe barrier (ia type only)



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