ATEX Solenoid Valve Cabinet

 for safe operations in hazardous areas


SVC EX-series

The Ex-Machinery SVC EX-series are specially designed for hazardous areas. The units are of rigid con-struction, enclosure in stainless steel grades 304 or 316. They allow reliable and explosion proof pneumatic equipment control in harsh environments.

∙ customized solutions
∙ easy to install
∙ quick delivery
∙ air service unit included
∙ first class components

∙ dry bulk handling/food industry
∙ zone 21, 22
∙ pneumatic control of machinery
∙ chemical plants
∙ offshore
∙ oil and energy
∙ zone 1, 2
∙ dust & gas explosive areas



SVC EX-series


Solenoid valves:

∙ Festo as standard other on request
∙ Spark free operation
∙ Constructional safety according to EN 13463-5
∙ Limited heat development of coils
∙ Standard explosion protection suitable for 3D Atex zone 22, or 3G, Atex zone 2.
∙ Enhanced explosion protection for 2D, Atex zone 21 or 2G, Atex zone 1.



∙ declaration of conformity
∙ additional type examination certificates for Atex category 2GD
∙ instruction manual
∙ pneumatic diagram
∙ explosion safety instructions



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