ATEX Pressurized Room

 for safe operations in hazardous areas


PR EX-series

The Ex-Machinery PR EX-series are specially designed for hazardous areas. The rooms or containers are of rigid construction, in steel or stainless steel. Inside the container you can use any non-ex equipment or even workshops in hazardous areas.

∙ use standard equipment in side
∙ can be used in harsh environment
∙ available as maritime container
∙ climate control available
∙ first class ex proof components

∙ office container
∙ workshop container
∙ room for natural gas engine
∙ any other non-Ex equipment
∙ chemical plants
∙ offshore
∙ oil and energy
∙ zone 1, 2



PR EX-series


Control system:

∙ Suitable for internal source of release
∙ Air flow of ventilator continuously guarded
∙ LEL detection and local alarm
∙ According to standard EN 50381 / 60079-13
∙ Standard suitable for 3GD, zone 2, zone 22
∙ Enhanced suitable for 2GD, zone 1, zone 21
∙ Optional cooling air for engine room
∙ Optional climate control for office applications



∙ declaration of conformity
∙ test certificate of smoke test
∙ calculation of ventilation capacity
∙ User manual
∙ explosion safety instructions



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