Dust Explosion Testing 

Explosion risk assessments start with the knowledge of the explosion-properties of the substances used. Often, these properties are unknown or the tests are carried out under conditions other than relevant for the situation. Hereby an overview of the main explosion properties. 

Property Description Parameter
LEL / MEC lower explosion limit [g/m3]
Kst maximum rate of pressure rise [bar.m/s]
Pmax maximum explosion pressure [bar]
Explosion hazard class classification related to Kst [St 1 / St 2 / St3]
MOE / MIE minimum ignition energy [mJ]
MOT / MIT dust ignition temperature [ºC]
ST / LIT smolder or glow temperature dust layer [ºC]

Local conditions such as humidity, particle size and temperature have great influence on the explosion properties. In technical literature default explosion property values may give an overestimation or underestimation. Our testing equipment determines the explosive properties of the substances under the relevant process conditions. The advantage of this approach is that you can increase the explosion safety of your installations by directing your actions in those places where they are most effective. This allows you to create a safer working environment for your employees with a lower budget. 
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